May 26
Tuesday 7:00 PM
Calvary's Gym is open for men to play basketball on most Tuesday nights from 7:00 until 10:00 pm. Compete with others in our congregation and community – and challenge and encourage one another.
3810 Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC, United States
May 27
Wednesday 6:45 PM
Family Fun Fair in the Courtyard. This will be a good time of fellowship for our whole church family. There will be no Nursery, Youth Group, or Adult Workshops on May 27 so everyone can participate in the fair.
May 27
Wednesday 8:00 PM
Our Sunday Class and Growth Group members volunteer to help clean the Main Building each Wednesday at 8:00 pm.
3810 Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC, United States
May 30
Saturday 6:00 PM
May 31
Sunday 9:00 AM
Sunday Classes take the truth of God's Word and bring it to life. Growth Groups help you get to know people, interact with them about biblical truths, and pray for one another in a small-group setting. There's a place for you and every member of your family to develop meaningful friendships, learn truths from God's Word, and grow spiritually.
3810 Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC, United States

Welcome to Calvary

Sunday Events

The Lord's Day Gathering at Calvary

9:00 am Sunday Classes for All Ages and Growth Groups10:30 am Children's Church and Morning Worship6:00 pm Evening Service


Wednesday Events

Prayer and Bible Study for All Ages

6:45 pm Truth Trackers for Children, Youth Group for Junior and Senior High Teens, and Bible Study and Prayer for Adults


Calvary Baptist Church
Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church

Whether you've been going to church for years – or if this is your first time – there’s a place for you to get connected at Calvary. You’ll find exceptional opportunities here to make friends, honor God, share your story, and equip yourself for the challenges of life.

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